Retirement Planning

Today people are living longer and spending more dollars after retirement. Inflation and taxes continually erode purchasing power. You need to act in order to ensure a viable source of income through your retirement. Where do you turn?

All of you know the troubles with Social Security. Even if you think the system is sound, talk with those who are living on its income and see if you want to depend on it for your financial security.

Employers aren’t helping. Companies are expecting workers to put aside a majority of their own retirement savings. Consumers want cost savings and companies often find the savings in employee benefit programs.

G&G Associates can help determine the best possible plan to ensure a comfortable, worry-free retirement.

This service is an abbreviated version of our Financial Planning Services. It looks primarily at those decisions necessary to provide a successful retirement. Several areas such as other financial goals, education funds, and estate planning are not covered under this service. Other financial planning areas such as income tax analysis and risk management (insurance) are covered to a lesser extent via a full financial plan.

The appropriateness of securities and other investments are evaluated in how they meet the retirement goal. An investment allocation strategy compatible with the client’s risk tolerance is developed. A well-diversified, long-term investment approach is emphasized.

The hard part is yours. You must get started planning for your retirement now. For every ten years that you delay setting aside money for retirement, you will have to save three times as much to reach your retirement income goals.

Financial Success Strategy Worksheet

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