Investment Management

Most financial goals require investing. Every investment involves some risk. G&G Associates can examine individual needs and determine which investment strategy works best. In additional to regular accounts, we help our clients deal with their employer’s 401(k) and 403(b) plans. With our help, risks are reduced and overall returns can increase.

When planning a client’s investments we go through a four-step system:

  1. Determining client investment goals. This includes identifying your risk tolerance and return needs as well as your expected cash inflows and outflows;
  2. Designing an asset allocation mix to meet those goals;
  3. Developing methods and strategies to best effect the goals;
  4. Researching and picking specific investments.

Normally this service follows the Financial Plan. For those people who do not desire a comprehensive approach, this service begins with asset allocation advice.

If the asset allocation is performed, we will do a partial analysis of the client’s financial situation. This will take into account their investment goals, time horizon, taxes, and risk tolerance. We also look at their company benefits, current investments, cash flow, and debt load. We will then design an asset allocation strategy for them that will describe the types of investments that best match their situation. This will be compared with the client’s current investment positions as to risk exposure and potential return.

We will take the Allocation Report and construct an investment portfolio. This will list the specific investments that should be purchased or sold to bring their portfolio in balance. We will then continue to monitor the client’s investments and financial situation. This will require the client to update us when changes occur that directly or indirectly affect the areas analyzed during the asset allocation analysis.

Financial Success Strategy Worksheet

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