Insurance Counseling

At G&G Associates we can help you determine how much life, disability and long term care insurance you really need. We can examine your current policies and help you determine if these policies still make sense. We can also help determine if there are any gaps in your insurance. We regularly find our clients are over- or under-insured. Either can have negative financial consequences.

For property and casualty needs we use outside advisors experienced in these areas. We act as a shield from salespeople for our clients.

Health insurance is an obviously vital area to examine. We work with outside experts who are Registered Health Underwriters (RHU). In this way we can be assured that health insurance is an area of their expertise rather than just a sideline.

Less obvious, but very important, is disability insurance. You can’t depend on Social Security (85% or their disability claims are denied), yet what will you do if you can’t work for the next six months?

Other areas of insurance coverage clients need to consider are Personal Liability Insurance and Long-term-care Insurance.

We are not replacements for a competent insurance agent. As you can see, we work with your agents or others that we know to build an effective risk management program for our clients.

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