G&G Associates is a Fee-Only Financial Consulting Company. We do not receive commissions from any products since we don`t sell anything. Instead we work directly for our clients.

Hourly Consulting

Fees depend on the type of advice and service given.

  • Financial Consulting Services: $250 per hour. (Work along with retirement planning, college funding planning, risk management, etc.)

This covers advice pertaining to investment selection and portfolio asset allocation. This includes work that we do that in our opinion does not require a licensed,degreed, experienced or certified individual to perform.

Hourly fees are due at the end of each consultation as billed. The service may be canceled at any time by notification, but any fee for consulting time used is still due. We reserve the right to raise hourly fees at any time with advance notice to you.

A common question to us is “how long will this take?” After all, the longer we take the more you end up paying under our hourly consulting services. Our answer is “it depends”- and it does. Once we determine what goals you have for the engagement, we will estimate the time and cost of us providing those services. In working with you, we may find that more extensive planning is necessary to give you the answer you want. When that happens, we will let you know and give you new estimates.

Note that with hourly services, once we complete the assigned task, we do not follow-up or otherwise provide ongoing monitoring, services, or advice unless specifically contracted to do so.

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